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Welcome to the Eufrates home page!

We hope our site informs you about our product, and also about the industry in general, including our own particular philosophy towards e-learning.

What we do

Eufrates provides effective e-learning development and delivery sofware. Our goal is to reduce the costs of knowledge transfer and thereby make greater levels of training and professionalism financially feasible to a greater range of organizations and individuals than ever before. Our mission is to empower an online culture of professional enrichment through the power of the web to distribute information at almost no cost.

Who uses e-learning?

Online training and professional development is a cost-effective choice of many companies, government organizations, and associations. Toshiba's manager of technical operations for global call centers, Daniel Deschamps, has pointed out the obvious savings in both travel and telephone costs, as well as the high degree of centralized control that computer-based training brings. Another organization, The National Retail Federation, uses self-paced computer, text and multi-media instruction as part of their retail sales associates certification program available in centers across the United States.

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