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Association Solutions

What makes Eufrates the right solution for association training is that your present trainers can also be your online course authors. The Eufrates Course Module Designer is a fully functional, easy to use, fast online course creator. What this means is that an entire course can be created in a couple of hours by your authors, uploaded to the server for approval, and deployed to your members that very same day!

Saves money

With e-learning, you donít have to continually hire new instructors to deliver the material. You donít have to purchase or rent classroom space or pay to have learning materials printed, materials that quickly enough go out of date. E-Learning means that no one has to fly anywhere or rearrange their schedule to gain aceess to professional development opportunities. E-learning development platforms such as Eufrates will help to shift that paradigm into one that is more reflective of the mobility and on-demand needs of the contemporary business world. We have entered an age where technology changes infinitely faster than peopleís mindsets; we believe that rapid e-learning can help close this implementation gap.

Originally Developed for an Association

We originally developed the software for NALA, the National Association for Legal Assistants. Using the software, NALA is able to quickly develop online courses for continuing education purposes for itís members, as well as modify existing courses. Our software helps their association quickly develop asynchronous online courses, complete with tests, audio and graphical capabilities, automatic grading, and automatic registration. Using Eufrates, their organization can quickly create an online course using pre-existing content taken directly from Word files and PowerPoint presentations. The testing option in the software provides instant feedback for the course, including links to information provided within the site.

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