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Benefits of e-Learning


Online training intrinsically encourages a standardization of practices and input from disparate locations and groups within your company. Information and practices from different departments can be quickly and inexpensively converted into training modules with the right e-learning platform.

By bringing training online, you can be sure that everyone in your company is receiving the same message. Subject matter experts that exist within your company have the chance to deliver a one-on-one message straight from the source. Best practices developed in department can be disseminated throughout the company. How many best practices exist in your organization that you donít know about? One study by the American Productivity and Quality Center (APQC) discovered that best practices exist in isolated elements of a company for years without being shared.

Saves money

With e-learning, you donít have to continually hire new instructors to deliver the material. You donít have to purchase or rent classroom space or pay to have learning materials printed, materials that quickly enough go out of date. E-Learning means that no one has to fly anywhere or rearrange their schedule to gain access to professional development opportunities. E-learning development platforms such as Eufrates will help to shift that paradigm into one that is more reflective of the mobility and on-demand needs of the contemporary business world. We have entered an age where technology changes infinitely faster than peopleís mindsets; we believe that rapid e-learning can help close this implementation gap.

E-Learning Leverages the Power of the Web

The free infrastructure provided by the internet is a powerful tool for the delivery and maintenance of training and professional growth programs.

Unlike paper-based training materials, online training can be updated quickly and at no material cost. The result is that it is easier to keep training up-to-date and relevant.

Web access is convenient and universal. Your online training programs can be made available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to anyone in the world. This is especially important to companies and organizations that are geographically dispersed. Imagine if everyone in your company had equal and simultaneous access to standardized training. This is now possible thanks to the power of the web.

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