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Our Story

We developed out of our sister company, the Electronic Storage Corporation. With over 14 years of providing high quality software products to both large and small corporations, Eufrates has been founded upon a strong base of experience in the field of computer technology.

Eufrates began when we first brought training online for The National Association of Legal Assistants.

NALA was very interested in e-learning. Being a smaller-sized organization they were trying to project as large and effective presence as they could and make the pre-certification learning process as convenient and helpful as possible for their members. At the time we spoke to them they had actual courses out on the Internet; the courses consisted of basically a PowerPoint slide and text and audio files.

We came up with a plan for NALA that was based around a couple of things. One was building a content management system to host the course. With our system the course navigation is created automatically by the content management system, in effect, a standardized format. These are courses to be taken by the professional, we think of them as a book plus, with all the capabilities of a book, plus the reinforcement of audio, video, and the feedback of a test.

The Magic Ingredient

The magic ingredient of Eufrates was to make it so that NALA themselves could effectively present their content on the web, modify it without needing a lot of techinical ability or hand work, and tie that into a content management system on the host end. We were trying to make an e-learning vending machine approach, where people could come any time day or night, press a button, and get the information they needed inexpensively and immediately. We made the content development and the question and answer development integrated into a single program that could be operated as simply, or almost as simply, as a word processing program.

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