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Corporate Solutions

By developing your own courses, you can use your own business examples to help users understand the context of each lesson and apply what they're learning. Online trainees receive a consistent message regardless of when or where they access training . Web-based training can rapidly reach and make productive large numbers of learners at the lowest possible cost, thanks to the Internet.

Recycle Existing Content as e-learning

Eufrates e-learning software can help you rapidly turn existing content into online courses. Take information from memos, white papers, PowerPoint Presentations, screen captures, even recorded phone conversations. Quickly develop best-practices modules from real-life customer service interactions. Increase the rapidity of product roll-out. Help new employees become productive and rapidly internalize your corporate culture. Reduce the load on your help desk. Insure a standard level of knowledge on new products, new policies and procedures, and new issues in compliance.

Best of all, self-paced online training eliminates scheduling problems. Since Eufrates courses are self-paced, training opportunities can be accessed 24 hours a day, whenever they are needed. Since Eufrates courses are delivered online, they can be accessed from any web terminal in the world. Web-based training satisfies the training needs of a geographically dispersed workforce. Your employees, dealers, and independent representatives will all benefit from online training that is free from the traditional barriers of time and distance. You will benefit from a more knowledgeable, confident, and effective workforce.

Delivery savings alone make e-learning worthwhile

E-learning is one of the most cost-effective methods for delivering instruction ever developed. Web deployment of courseware is virtually free and instantaneous around the globe. E-learning significantly reduces travel expenses, time away from the office, and learning infrastructure costs such as classroom and seminar attendance.

Better Than Ever

E-learning has never been easier to develop or deploy than it is now. The growth of e-learning platforms marks an important stage in the development of the industry. An e-learning platform contains everything you need to develop, deliver, and manage an e-learning program in one software package. Never before has e-learning been so practical or made so much sense.

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