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Would you like to learn more about Eufrates? Why not take a free course on the software created using the Eufrates software itself.

It's easy to take a free online course on the Eufrates e-Learning Platform. Just click on the link below to access the course:

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Eufrates is a content-management system integrated with course development and editing software.

Eufrates is designed around a database concept, with essentially two databases. The first database on the server delivers the courses to the student and stores student information. The second database comprises the course authoring component.

All of the content in a module is kept in a single module file (actually in MS Access database format). This prevents lost files and broken links.

The author then uploads the content to the Eufrates server through a menu option. The author or an administrator can view the content on the server, before marking it public for general access.

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