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The Eufrates e-Learning Platform

Eufrates is an e-learning platform

Eufrates is a knowledge management system with integrated course authoring software. Our course authoring software empowers you to create and modify courses without needing a lot of technical ability or hand work, while the knowledge management component organizes and administers your courses on the host end. Eufrates has everything you need to create, deploy, and administer an e-learning program for your company, association, or government. In short, Eufrates is a comprehensive e-learning platform.

Develop e-learning without having to program

Eufrates gives an organization the tools needed to quickly develop asynchronous online courses, complete with tests, audio and graphical capabilities, automatic grading, and automatic registration. Our Course Module Designer empowers you to develop online training without having to program or hand-code html. With Eufrates, the content creation process is all-in-one: you can import existing content, develop multiple-choice tests, insert audio, convert from PowerPoint, and do screen capture all in one program.

Special features include a built in audio recording option that records audio as a wave file with GSM compression. Speech quality audio can then be included in your courses without creating delays even for users with a modem.

Easy to Use

With the Eufrates e-learning platform, you can develop an online course with the same basic skills set you use to make a PowerPoint presentation or write and edit a Word document. Consequently, virtually anyone in your organization can develop an e-learning resource that can be accessed online 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from any web terminal in the world.

By owning the course development engine yourself, you can develop online courses quickly and in-house at a fraction of the cost of outsourcing to a third party.

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