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On-demand Training

In the business world getting information out there quickly and effectively is a number one priority. The task of e-learning in the corporate world is to help companies take advantage of the quick the and almost no-cost content delivery capabilities of the web.

Using the Eufrates e-learning platform, a company can create training segments with little investment of time, capital and energy. Due to the low cost of development and delivery, rapid e-training can be used to address particular skills deficiencies when it would otherwise not be cost effect to do so. Thanks to the low cost of designing and implementing a rapid e-training course it is feasible to give employees more customized and activity-specific training than ever before. The end result is a hyper-trained employee base with customized skills development.

We have entered an age where technology changes infinitely faster than people's mindsets; we believe that rapid e-learning can help close this implementation gap.

What We Offer

The Eufrates e-learning platform has both a content authoring as well as a content management tool so that you can both design and deliver your courses using one integrated program.

With Eufrates, you get free content authoring software to develop courses using PowerPoint slides, MPEGS, JPEGS, rich text, and audio files. Our content authoring software also contains built-in feedback development with multiple-choice tests. Our server software delivers the courses, manages attendance, and records the results. We also have an e-commerce option.

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