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Rapid e-Learning

The rapid e-learning model follows the on-demand principle, reducing or eliminating the hard and soft costs associated with traditional seminar-based corporate training. In developing and implementing a rapid e-training course it isnít necessary to hire outside trainers or pay for employees to travel to an off-site training location. As much as 40 cents of every dollar spent on in-person corporate training is eaten up by travel and investment. This consideration is especially relevant to companies whose workforce is geographically dispersed, when employees must travel at the cost of both time and money to a central location to receive training.

Rapid e-learning development

A rapid e-learning course is developed within a tight structure defined by performance-based learning objectives. You target a very specific skill deficiency, develop a concrete knowledge-based response, deploy this knowledge within a course format, and receive measurable results in a short timeframe, often a week or less.

What is Rapid e-Learning?

Rapid e-learning is a method for quickly, cheaply, and directly addressing specific skill deficiencies within a company by delivering short, targeted learning opportunities to employees via the web. Rapid e-learning depends upon having an easy-to-use e-training platform capable of re-purposing existing content with a minimum of effort. Simple platform interface and the ability to re-purpose content makes rapid e-learning much more cost-effective than traditional e-learning, since you donít have to hire outsiders to develop and maintain the course and you are able to quickly develop courses out of pre-existing content.

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